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Rachel's Reiki and Relaxation

Reiki Master/Teacher


Meet Rachel

Reiki Healer/ Teacher

Rachel is excited to welcome you to her Reiki services! Reiki is a healing technique that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. 90% of disease is brought on by stress held in the body and Reiki helps to release stuck energies and traumas in the body. Rachel is a Reiki Master/Teacher and has been practicing Reiki for 4 years. She is passionate about helping others in her community. Through her courses, current client base, energy books and the guidance of her teacher; she is confident in her skills and happy to embark with you on your healing journey!


  • Most Saturdays 8:30am-7:00pm

  • Most Sundays 8:30am-7pm

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Mary, ON

"As a first timer at Reiki, Rachel made me feel very relaxed through our entire session. She encouraged questions and made sure I felt comfortable through every step. Her knowledge and expertise were reassuring and inviting. From an experienced client to someone brand new, I recommend Rachel to everyone!"

Melina, ON

"Rachel has this great way about her that instantly makes me feel happier in her presence. Her positive, happy soul is infectious and that's even before the Reiki treatment starts.
I've only done one session so far, but her room set up instantly calms me down and puts me at ease. I'm not usually into this sort of thing but trying everything once is big for me.
She is very respectful and laid back in how she operates and so passionate in what she does.
There are no negatives to what Reiki does. It helps make you more self aware and is a lot of fun if you keep an open mind.
Highly recommend trying it at least a few times in life :)"

Debbie, ON

"Rachel is a caring, intuitive, and knowledgeable practitioner. During our session, I began to feel calm and balances. In the peaceful atmosphere, stress and anxiety melted away. I slept soundly for the first time in awhile, and over the next few days regained my positive energy. I highly recommend Rachel's Reiki treatments."

Julia, ON

"I absolutely loved my Reiki session with Rachel! It was extremely relaxing and she created a very inviting and peaceful environment. Rachel is very insightful and I would recommend anyone to go see her, you won't regret it!"

Kai, ON

I am new to Reiki and previously was doubtful about the whole process. When I did my first session with Rachel she explained very well on what it is and how it works. Rachel is friendly and approachable with my questions, and it made the whole experience 100x better as I did not feel intimidated on things that I didn't know. In the session Rachel made sure I was comfortable and with how the room was set up, it made me feel relaxed. Rachel's expertise, and friendliness is hard to beat. Highly recommend Rachel for anyone who is looking for a new, relaxed experience with Reiki.

Jenny, ON

"Rachel is a true ray of sunshine. She was very thoughtful during the entire appointment. From explaining the process, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment, to delivering information in a caring manner. I felt an incredible amount of calmness after my appointment with Rachel, as if I was able to breathe with ease for the first time in quite a while. Thank you Rachel for introducing me to Reiki! I look forward to future appointments to continue my healing journey"

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